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Concerning Credit

While watching In Search of Steve Ditko, one thing struck me in a very personal way. It was the part of the interview with Stan Lee in Part 6 where the discussion of credit comes up. Over the years, there has been a lot of grief thrown Stan’s way about taking sole credit as the […]

A Busy Couple Of Weeks

Yeah, so as this post’s title suggests, it’s been a busy couple of weeks here at the Stan!plex. Besides working Mon-Fri at Wizards of the Coast, I’ve been spending my evenings and weekends working on some of my ongoing freelance assignments. As fate would have it, four separate turn overs all came due in the […]

She’s EPIC!

One of the blessings I am ALWAYS thankful for is the number of crazily talented people I know in such a wide array of fields. Take Cindi Rice. No, don’t take her … I’d be lost without her. But please consider her — over the time I’ve known her, Cindi has been Mistress of the […]

Edition Wars

With the announcement from Wizards of the Coast about the upcoming new iteration of Dungeons & Dragons, there’s been the expected buzz in the fan community debating the merits of the current and all of the past versions of the game. Actually, “debate” is a pretty tame word for what is more often referred to […]

I’m Still A Genius!

Yesterday, in talking about my current contract job at Wizards of the Coast, I noted that one of the advantages was that it let me stay connected to Super Genius Games. Of course, those of you who pay attention to such things may have thought otherwise based on the fact that my name is appearing […]

JIGG Wins Again!

Last month I went to a couple of the Gamerati Tour stops that took place here in the Seattle area. Ed Healy had been traveling around country since Gen Con, stopping at local game stores along the way and helping to help create a sense of greater COMMUNITY among the wide-spread, many-faceted group of dedicated […]

No Love For The Robot

One of the games I was most looking forward to picking up at this year’s Gen Con was Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple. This, of course, was at least a little bit because it does such a good job of echoing the look, feel, and spirit of the animated show, Avatar: The Last Airbender¬†(which […]

Gen Con Loot

Yesterday I talked about my general Gen Con experience, but today I’m going to get to the MEAT of the matter-I’m going to talk about all the cool STUFF I brought back with me from the show! Gen Con is a gamer’s candy store … no matter what you want, the chances are there are […]

Gen Con Review

Okay, it’s been a full week since Gen Con wrapped, so I’d better do my after-con report before I’m suddenly thrown into pre-con chaos as PAX Prime approaches. Gen Con is definitely the one show of the year that I really feel depressed if I miss. However, I’ve got to be truthful and say that […]

Stan!’s Gen Con Schedule

Yes, it’s that magical time of year again where I post my Gen Con schedule for the 3.5 people who care. (One person THINKS they’re gonna care, gets halfway through the list, and suddenly realizes that he doesn’t care AT ALL.) I’ve got a good mix of seminars, events, and open time to schmooze … […]