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I’m A Stretch Goal!

The fine folks at Monte Cook Games are running a Kickstarter for their newest project, “Your Best Game Ever“—a book to help you get the most out of your RPG whatever setting or game system you’re using. The Kickstarter got off to a rousing start here in a week that is filled with terrific gaming […]

I Am A (Temporary) Wizard Again!

One of the truest statements about life as a freelancer/creative-for-hire is that the general situation of your working life shifts around on a regular basis. Your creative process and the ebb and flow of your days will change significantly based on who your client is, what type of project(s) you’ve currently got on your desk, and […]

Two Years Ago Today (More Or Less)

Life is funny, it rolls along day to day, one task followed by another until you sort of lose track of time passing. Particularly as a freelancer, I’m always finishing one project and starting another and there’s very little that actually cements itself as belonging to a specific time and place. And since I’m lucky […]

Farewell and Adieu, AFK E&E

Over the past two years AFK Elixirs & Eatery has been more than my favorite restaurant, favorite bar, and favorite hangout … it’s been my second home. And the people there, from the ownership to the staff to the other regular patrons have been a like a second family. When word came down just a […]

Dungeoneering 101

Summer time is here, and that means all kinds of road trips, side trips, days off, and “I’m booooored!” time for the lil adventurers out there. Just in time, Rogue Genius Games has just the solution for you . . . Dungeoneering 101, a coloring and activity book available for purchase and download as a PDF. […]

D&D: Standing on the Shoulders of Past Success

The Boston Globe recently ran a cool article about D&D’s resurgence with the launch of 5E. My one nitpick, though, is this quote “the game, which experienced strong growth throughout the 1970s and ’80s, began a slump in the 2000s.” Which is the narrative that the current team would LIKE to push … but the […]

Stan! on Sale — Writing

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, due to most of my planned work for November and December having been mothballed (details can be found here), I’ve decided to have try to make up at least some of the income shortfall by having a sale on my work. Yesterday I announced special pricing on […]

Teach Your Kids to Game Week

Given how often I’m over at the OneBookshelf sites, I don’t know how this slipped my attention previously, but it turns out that through Dec. 7th they are doing a promotion called Teach Your Kids To Game Week. The idea basically is . . . ummm . . . to teach your kids to game. […]

Farewell to KQ

Historically, it has been difficult to keep a gaming magazine alive. Only a storied few have ever lasted longer than a year or two, which perhaps is why they inspire so many stories and fond recollections. For the past five years, our hobby has been blessed by the presence of the “small but fierce” pages […]

Gen Con Schedule

I am stunned, quite honestly, that it’s the middle of August and time for Gen Con already. Where in the world did the summer go?!? Well, there’s no time to ponder that just now. I’ve still got a bunch of details to sort out before I head out to Indianapolis … but I DO know […]