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Farewell and Adieu, AFK E&E

Over the past two years AFK Elixirs & Eatery has been more than my favorite restaurant, favorite bar, and favorite hangout … it’s been my second home. And the people there, from the ownership to the staff to the other regular patrons have been a like a second family. When word came down just a […]

Jim Ward Needs OUR Help

It’s not at all exaggeration to say that Jim Ward is one of the living legends of the tabletop game industry. He’s the creator of Metamorphosis Alpha, one of the all-time greats when it comes to games and settings like Greyhawk, Gamma World, and the Spellfire TCG. He also was my boss at TSR, my business partner in […]

What I’m NOT Doing for My Birthday

In case you missed it in my posts over the last few days, my birthday’s coming up. And if you’ve been around my blog in year’s past, you know that I love to celebrate! And this being a birthday with a “number of significance,” I’m planning to celebrate in a big-ish way — gathering as […]

Typos of Doom!

I was first introduced to the concept of “Typos of Doom” by Miranda Horner, a terrific editor whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with for nearly 20 years. (Holy cats!) She kept a running list of Typos of Doom on the wall in her office, and enthusiastically shared them with anyone who […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

A number of years ago, I’d sort of established it as a tradition to write a special Thanksgiving post here on the blog. (Check back in the archive for 2006–2009, if you like.) It is, longtime followers may recall, my favorite holiday, in large part because (colonial origins not withstanding) Thanksgiving is not based on […]

A Birthday Poem

As far as I know, no one has ever written a poem about me … until tonight. My friend John Rateliff included this bit of verse in the birthday card he and Janice gave me: Ode to Stan Sometimes Steve and sometimes Stan How to Know who is Da Man? If it’s sometimes Stan and […]

She’s EPIC!

One of the blessings I am ALWAYS thankful for is the number of crazily talented people I know in such a wide array of fields. Take Cindi Rice. No, don’t take her … I’d be lost without her. But please consider her — over the time I’ve known her, Cindi has been Mistress of the […]

My Haunted Apartment

With all of this snow and ice and dark, I almost forgot to tell you … for a few hours I thought my apartment was haunted. It happened on Wednesday night, when the temperature outside was at its coldest and I’d been locked inside for about 36 hours. I got up to go to the bathroom, […]

Let There Be Light (and Heat)!

I spent most of the weekend working on a freelance assignment, checking in occasionally with the manager of my apartment complex. When, at 6:00 on Sunday night, there still was no electricity to the buildings, I figured that for sure I was going to have to impose on my friends for another night in their […]

JIGG Wins Again!

Last month I went to a couple of the Gamerati Tour stops that took place here in the Seattle area. Ed Healy had been traveling around country since Gen Con, stopping at local game stores along the way and helping to help create a sense of greater COMMUNITY among the wide-spread, many-faceted group of dedicated […]