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COMICS: Head Lopper

It’s no big secret that I’m a comics fan. And if you follow me on any social media stream, it’s probably not a surprise that I still go to the comic book store just about every Wednesday (following my weekly BBQ Lunch gathering). But here’s something that I don’t talk about very often—the fact of […]

RPG: Grande Temple of Jing

  Look what arrived this week . . . my contributor’s copy of The Grande Temple of Jing, a Pathfinder compatible mega-ultra-dungeon crawl for characters of ANY level published by Hammerdog Games. This book describes the temple home of the trickster god Jing—a magical labyrinth filled with challenges and treasures suitable for every type of adventurer […]

COMICS: Weirdworld (New Comic)

This is the third and final entry in my series of posts about Marvel Comics’s Weirdworld—in this case I’ll be talking about the current mini-series bearing that title. (My previous posts talked about history of Weirdworld and reviewed the recently released trade paperback collecting the stories published in the ’70s and ’80s.) Let me start […]

COMICS: Weirdworld (TPB)

Yesterday I made a post giving the background for Marvel Comics’s fantasy title Weirdworld and talking a fair bit about my personal interactions with the title and its influence on me (particularly as a game designer). Today, I want to look at the recently published Weirdworld: Warriors of the Shadow Realm trade paperback. The publication […]

COMICS: Weirdworld

In recent years, Marvel Comics has dived deep into its pool of back-issues and defunct titles to pull together trade paperback collections and modern re-boots of titles one might easily have thought were lost to the mists of time. Recently, they’ve done BOTH these things for one of my favorite obscure properties from my early days […]

Is It A Hall of Fame If You Keep It in the Basement?

Last week I went to the Sci-Fi Museum in downtown Seattle. I’ve been a member of the museum for a number of years (many of which, I wasn’t even living in Seattle) just because I wanted to support this kind of institution — a museum devoted to the art, literature, movies, and TV that most […]

Emerald City Comic Con Report

Emerald City Comic Con is still going on today, but my schedule won’t let me spend another day bumming around the hall, hobnobbing with cartoonists and spending money on cool comics. So even though YOU could still head down and enjoy the show (and, if you’re in the Seattle area, I HIGHLY recommend that you […]

Long Time No Post!

No, no … don’t pass out … it’s true, I’m ACTUALLY writing a real POST and not just having my Twitter feed update here automatically. Though the latter WILL continue to occur each day, I’m ALSO going to make a concerted effort to get back in the habit of posting full-on entries here several times […]

Wrap It Up!

It’s finally official! After a hectic few weeks of trying to put everything in place, I got confirmation today that the top secret, holiday themed project I’ve been working on IS going forward and IS going to be available at Gen Con. So without further ado may I introduce … Stan! Paper— Yes, that is […]

Art For Fun

I draw for fun. That probably comes as no surprise since I’ve been running for more than three years … but sometimes I do even MORE than doodle. Like last week when I needed a break from the writing and editing that I’d been focused on for weeks on end … I decided to […]