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Tuesday Evening Knee Update

With inestimable help from Janice & John, I went back to the Urgent Care unit and was seen by a different MD. He looked at the notes in my file, looked at my knee and said, “I see [previous doc] went with a very … conservative course of treatment.” Which seemed to me to be […]

Tuesday Morning Knee Update

Well, there have definitely been changes … and even some improvements in the saga of my sleep-injured knee. Thanks to a combination of reduced pain and the groggy effects of allergy medicine, I managed to get my sleep in 2–3 hour chunks last night (which is MUCH more restful than the long series of 20-minute […]

My Weekend So Far (A Long Tale)

Woke up Saturday morning with my left knee bothering me. Stiff muscles and moderate pain when I put my full weight on it. I figured I must’ve slept with it tucked in an unfortunate position … it’s happened before. So I wrapped it in an ace bandage, grabbed my “old man cane” and set gingerly […]

Japanese Holdovers

It’s been more than twenty years since I’ve been in Japan (which in itself is just incredible to me), and yet several of the things discussed in this video STILL linger in my day-to-day behavior . . . and I’m okay with that. Mostly, they’re things that I thought were worth keeping, but a few […]

Talking In (and Out) of My Sleep

I am a heavy sleeper (I’m pretty much a heavy EVERYTHING … ba-dum-CHING). In part I think this is a self-defense mechanism against my prodigious snoring, which while it shakes the pillars of heaven almost never wakens me. Also, I rarely remember any of my dreams. I say these things so you’ll know how strange […]

10 Mac Keystroke Shortcuts

Some of these I already knew . . . and some won’t work with my current OS . . . but there are still a few gems (being able to remove formatting from copied text is a GODSEND).

It’s Only An Hour’s Drive

While I was washing my clothes the other day, I bumped into the chattiest of my neighbors in the laundry room. She’s a woman who’s probably in her late 60s or early 70s that moved into my building about a year or so ago. She’s a friendly sort who also, it seems clear to me, […]

Out of Hand

I am completely smitten with the hand-drawn and iPhone photographed animations that Hombre McSteez posts on a regular basis. I’ve bought the art supplies I need to try my own hand at doing an homage to his work . . . but so far I haven’t had the time (or, actually, the inspiration) to get […]

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday . . . and I am A-OK with that. Many folks I know have an adversarial relationship with their birthdays, seeing them as reminders that they are getting older. Me? I KNOW I’m getting older, a little bit every day. Rolling the chronometer over from 50 to 51 doesn’t change that […]

The Codex Seraphinianus Returns

Have you heard of the Codex Seraphinianus? It’s one of those weird books (like the Voynich Manuscript and some of the stranger Aztec codices) that mix bizarre, often inexplicable illustrations with text of a completely alien nature (or no text at all) . . . except this one was made by an Italian artist in […]