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Rebel Mole—A Star Wars Notion

Last night I dreamed of a Star Wars character concept that I think would be fun, though I admit that such a character may already exist (I’m not well versed in the past or present SWEU … pun semi-intended). The idea is a rebel mole agent who was placed into the Imperial fleet shortly after […]

Weird Dreams

Generally, I have a difficult time remembering my dreams. At best, I wake up with a vague feeling related to whatever tale my subconscious was spinning for me. But over the past week or so I’ve had a few dreams that have stuck with me even after waking . . . and they’ve been a little […]

I Have A Recurring Plane To Catch!

It’s not common for me to remember my dreams. Once or twice a year, I’ll go through spurts where I remember them several nights in a row, but they’re usually quite bizarre. In general, though, I don’t remember the nightly subconscious decompressions my brain treats my sleeping mind to. Recently, though, I’ve been having a […]