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The Overeager Snowflake

The start of a soon-to-be-classic holiday tale … and you saw it here first!

DINOvember: Dino Claus

It’s the final day of DINOvember, so Dino Claus is packing up his sleigh and heading for the North Pole to prepare for the year end holidays.

DINOvember: TSR Dinosaur

He claims to be “older than dirt,” but Jeff Grubb is NOT actually a dinosaur.

DINOvember: Dinosaurs Playing Poker

I may have finally had my million-damn-dollar idea!

DINOvember: Terrified Triceratops

I don’t know what scared this triceratops… but I’m not hanging around to figure it out!

DINOvember: Socializing

DINOvember: Liopleurodon

They were big . . . like BIG big!!!

DINOvember: Dino Fight II

In honor of Black Friday shopping nastiness, here is DinoFight II: Stegosaurus vs. actual turkey-sized Velociraptors.

DINOvember: Bonus Process Video

I had so much fun making today’s comic that I thought I’d share a process video with everyone. Thank you for all your support during this month of dinosaur comics, and all year ’round!

DINOvember: Prehistoric Thanksgiving

Today’s DINOvember drawing is ALSO the first new 10’x10′ Toon comic since 2014! So yeah, that’s something to be thankful for.