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Kickstarter Rewards

I like Kickstarter. I’ve been part of a dozen or so Kickstarter campaigns (as either a main sponsor or as a named stretch goal) and a good number of my friends have run Kickstarter campaigns, too. Some of them have even been among those crazy-successful, multi-hundred-thousand-dollar type that create not just ONE product but kickstart […]

RPGs: Call of Bundlethulhu—90% Off Sale

A few years back, when I was still part of Super Genius Games, I led an effort to publish a line of Call of Cthulhu products. When all was said and done, we’d put out six products that I brought with me when I joined Rogue Genius Games. With October and Halloween quickly approaching, we’ve […]

Squammie Meets Fester

How does the Addams Family celebrate the holidays? By reading The Littlest Shoggoth, of course! Thanks to Shaun Rice (Uncle Fester) and the rest of the touring cast of “The Addams Family Musical” for letting me have even a tangential connection to one of my favorite fictional families of all time.

Monday Surprise!

Unexpectedly, today I received a delivery containing the first two off-the-press advance copies of–yes–the actual finished book of The Littlest Shoggoth! Holy cats! Talk about a GREAT surprise (especially on a Monday!).   They look, feel, and even smell AWESOME! (I love “new book smell!) And I can’t wait to be able to share them […]

The Polls Have Closed

The polls have closed, and we have the results coming in. Here’s the official tally: The Littlest Shoggoth Kickstarter final pledge total = $11,782! So the book will be printed 9″x6″ in full color with a hardcover! We had a total of 360 backers, so I’ll be doing two new pieces of wallpaper art. Thank you to […]

Last Week Kicking

Let’s start with the numbers, shall we? As of this posting, The Littlest Shoggoth has just shy of $8,500 in pledges. We’ve passed both our initial goal and the first stretch goal (which means I’ll be sending out hand-signed post cards to all backers of the Initiate Level and higher). Of course, we’ve still got […]

Onward Shoggoth Minions!

We had a GREAT day yesterday, and I’m 100% convinced it is all due to backers, friends, and fans taking a little time to make posts about the project. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who did. This, of course, only encourages me in my notion that it’s important to keep […]

Post Cards & A Shirt

Things continue to roll along with the Kickstarter campaign for The Littlest Shoggoth. In fact, the last couple of days have been trending up a bit. Could be that the “doldrums” are about to turn into a “last minute frenzy” . . . but I certainly won’t count those proverbial chickens until they hatch. In […]

The Littlest Shoggoth Gets Animated (?)

We’re moving into the home stretch for the Kickstarter campaign. Only two weeks left, and The Littlest Shoggoth is nearing in on $7,500 in pledges … which is great! At this rate we’re seeming closer and closer to certain that the stretch goals for color interior and a hardcover printing will be met. And yet, […]

Aaaaand the Shoggoth is Off!

It’s done. I cannot undo it. In a fit of madness during the Witching Hour last night I unleased the Kickstarter campaign for The Littlest Shoggoth upon the world. Oh, what was I thinking? Woe betide humanity . . . errrr . . . that is, in the first 15 hour the campaign has raised […]