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Hombre McSteez—Animation on the Fly

Over most of the last year I’ve been simply in awe of an independent animator who goes by the handle “Hombre McSteez.” He uses overhead projector acetate sheets, Sharpie pens, White Out fluid, and his iPhone to create brilliant little pieces of guerilla animation that interact with items in the real world. (If you want […]

Prepping for Star Wars

After long anticipation and a full MONTH of hearing everyone talk about how excited they are for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the movie itself finally opens tonight. If that sounds a little grumbly . . . well, I guess that’s okay. I like Star Wars fine. I remember seeing the original movie at the […]

The ABCs of Parallel Development

“Parallel Development” . . . it’s the term for when two people come up with the same idea at roughly the same time. It’s explains things like two studios releasing oddly similar movies within a few weeks of one another (like the year of Deep Impact and Armageddon or the year of Wyatt Earp and […]

Say No to Spec Work

A couple of weeks ago, Wil Wheaton made a post about being asked by the Huffington Post to let them reprint one of his essays. When he asked what the pay rate was, they responded that they don’t pay for content, and then followed with something like “most authors find the exposure we provide makes it […]

Listening to Creative People Talk

I love listening to creative people talk about their creativity. I don’t mean interviews where reporters (or even fans) talk to creatives about the results of their creativity . . . I mean when two (or more) creators sit down and talk. It’s one of the things I like best about the movie Stripped—the people […]