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Two Years Ago Today (More Or Less)

Life is funny, it rolls along day to day, one task followed by another until you sort of lose track of time passing. Particularly as a freelancer, I’m always finishing one project and starting another and there’s very little that actually cements itself as belonging to a specific time and place. And since I’m lucky […]

That Was The Gen Con That Was

With all the hullaballoo that accompanies preparing for Gen Con each year, and the whirlwind insanity (not to mention physical pain) that often punctuates the Best Four Days in Gaming, it’s funny that the convention always seems to be over too quickly . . . and I spend the following week mulling over all the […]

On My Way to Gen Con

I’ve finished packing, done as much work on my current assignments as I can do, and now I’m just killing time until the taxi comes to whisk me off to the airport for my oh-dark-thirty flight. Sometime in the mid-afternoon (east coast time) I should arrive in Indianapolis for Gen Con. I won’t be posting […]

Gen Con Plans

Believe it or not (and I can hardly believe it) but Gen Con kicks off in only TEN DAYS!! I don’t know about you, but I’ve got A LOT to do between now and then . . . but come July 30th, I’m going to be in Indianapolis for the Best Four Days in Gaming! Actually, […]

Atomic Comic Con Cosplay

I had a great time at Atomic Comic Con, and I was super impressed by all the cosplayers who came by my table. I took a whole bunch of photos to share … so here they are! Thanks, Tacoma Public Library (and particularly Sarah “Sunshing” Holloway) for putting together such a fun event!

Atomic Comic Con … Day 2

I’m back for Day 2 of Atomic Comic Con. Today my table is in the lobby. Pretty snazzy, eh? Come down and see me!

Thoughts on Changes in Con Culture

I had an interesting discussion with friends & colleagues about the recent online hullaballoo over Denise Dorman’s post about the troubles even big-name artists (like her husband, Dave Dorman) have making money exhibiting at comic conventions, and how it reflected on other types of cons. I’m lucky enough to have a career that jumps across the […]

Gen Con Drawings Being Auctioned

I had a ton of fun at Gen Con this past weekend—saw lots of old friends, met many new ones, and spent a good deal of time helping out at the Gaming Paper booth. One of the things I did there was sketch out a series of dungeon rooms (and their denizens) on the sample […]

Cosplay Memories

I spent the weekend at Aki Con, a mid-sized anime convention here in the Seattle area. Anime cons are different that gaming cons or even general-purpose comic cons. They’re more narrowly themed—focusing almost entirely on Japanese-produced animation and comics—but they also have a more robust inclusion of cosplay. I say that knowing how important cosplay […]

Gen Con Schedule

The “Best 4 Days in Gaming” start tomorrow, and like the 30k+ other gamers gathered in Indianapolis, I can’t wait! Come tomorrow morning, when the Exhibit Hall opens at 10AM, I’ll be spending most of the next few days at my booth—Authors Avenue – Table S (that’s all the way at the back of the […]