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DINOvember: Dilophosaurus

Jurassic Park got it wrong. Diliphosaurus didn’t have neck fringes or spit poison. But it did have head crests and a winning smile.

DINOvember: Troodon

Looking very skittish because he’s afraid he’ll be mistaken for a prehistoric turkey!

DINOvember: Dylandactyl

Why is this pterodactyl wearing a sombrero and poncho? Because my cousin Dylan likes it that way! This is the world’s first “Dylandactyl”!

DINOvember: Ankylosaurus

The friendliest dinosaur…

DINOvember: Top Shelf

Where they keep the “good stuff.”

DINOvember: THUMP!

Dinosaurs came all sizes, y’know.

DINOvember: Spotted Dimetrodon

DINOvember: Triceratopses

This started as a doodle of the mama … but clearly the finished piece is all about the baby!

DINOvember: Surprise!

DINOvember: Nervous Parasaurolophus