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I’m A Stretch Goal!

The fine folks at Monte Cook Games are running a Kickstarter for their newest project, “Your Best Game Ever“—a book to help you get the most out of your RPG whatever setting or game system you’re using. The Kickstarter got off to a rousing start here in a week that is filled with terrific gaming […]

What’s On the Drawing Board

Yesterday I made a post about some changes in my schedule, including broadly stating that I was going to devote more time to cartooning and some personal projects. Since I’m doing my best to eliminate vague-booking in my social media, today I’m gonna spill the details. (Well, SOME of the details. I have to leave […]

Penguins—Why Should Facebook Have All The Fun?

It’s sometimes a struggle to keep a balance between postings here on my blog with the quicker, more convenient, and more immediately connected social media like Facebook and Twitter. But I DO want this site to be the one must-go place that folks who are interested in what I’m working on, so I’ve GOT to […]

MANGA: Ultraman vol. 4

Today I was working on rewriting volume 7 of the Ultraman manga . . . and as fate would have it, the postman delivered my contributor’s copy of volume 4 (due to hit stores on May 17). You’re gonna love it … it’s deeeeeeelicious!!!

Why I’m NOT Going to See BvS Opening Weekend

Look, I don’t want to rain on anyone’s entertainment media parade. If “Batman v Superman” looks good to you, if you liked “Man of Steel,” then by all means … please … go and enjoy this new film. See it multiple times. Talk about how much you enjoy it. Revel in it the way only […]

MANGA: Translation vs. Adaptation

The other day there was a terrific article posted on the Comics Journal’s blog entitled Confessions of a Manga Translator. It was written by Zack Davisson, who is a true scholar of Japanese literature (including manga) , and who has translated some really great—and really challenging—manga (including a four-volume History of Japan during the reign of the […]

Two Years Ago Today (More Or Less)

Life is funny, it rolls along day to day, one task followed by another until you sort of lose track of time passing. Particularly as a freelancer, I’m always finishing one project and starting another and there’s very little that actually cements itself as belonging to a specific time and place. And since I’m lucky […]

MANGA: Ultraman vol. 3

It was just another pretty humdrum day here in the Stan!plex. I’d spent most of the afternoon doing paperwork and bookkeeping . . . but things got a lot more exciting when the FedEx guy arrived with a package. Sure, ANY package would have been a nice break, but this wasn’t just any package. This […]

COMICS: Three Titles I’m Dumping

Over the past month or two I’ve been talking about some of the titles that Marvel Comics have been relaunching in the wake of their most recent iteration of “Secret Wars.” Several of these have turned out to be quite good and earned a spot on my monthly pull list, but today I want to talk […]

COMICS: Totally Awesome Hulk, Agents of SHIELD, & Patsy Walker

As I’ve talked a bit about before, Marvel Comics is relaunching just about ALL of their titles in the wake of the recently completed Secret Wars storyline (which, in the end, seems to have ended as ham-handed and clumsily as the 1980s version). It’s been a long time since I bought more than a handful […]