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COMICS: This Charming Charlie

First there was Garfield Minus Garfield, then there 3eanuts, and now we have the latest mash-up the work of syndicated cartoonists project—This Charming Charlie. It’s the brainchild of graphic designer Lauren LoPrete who has taken panels from classic Peanuts strips and replaced Charles Schulz’s text with lyrics from songs by The Smiths and Morrissey. You don’t have to know […]

HISHE: Big Hero 6

One of the YouTube channels I subscribe to is How It Should Have Ended, where they produce Flash-style-animated shorts that explore (not surprisingly) alternative endings to various popular movies and TV shows. Generally they point out plot holes and leaps of logic of the sort that drive sticklers for detail crazy, but they do so […]

The History of the Wacky Races!

While scanning through YouTube the other day I came across a 20-minute special about the making of one of my favorite cartoon shows from my youth—The Wacky Races. With the frequency with which the Saturday morning cartoons of my youth have been picked up, unimaginatively reimagined, and released as new movies and TV shows, I’m […]

Make ’em Laugh

I see a lot of photos pass across my screen each day. And over on my Facebook page, I post and forward a fair number of them, myself. But this is one of my favorite images I’ve seen in a very long time. Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, and Dick Van Dyke are three men who […]

Happy Douglas Adams Day!

It’s another one of my Artist Holidays, this time the birthday of the man who brought us the adventures of Arthur Dent through the media of radio, print, television, and interactive text-based adventure — Douglas Adams! I must say that as much as I’ve enjoyed the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in ALL of its […]

What’s In The Stream — Snuff Box

I’m talking a bit about some of the shows I’ve been watching on Netflix lately, starting yesterday with a lengthy post about Carl Sagan’s Cosmos.Today, I’m going to talk about something a little more frivolous … but just as wonderful. SNUFF BOX: I was introduced to this wonderful Brit-com by my friend Cindi a few […]

Jackie Chan vs. The Eye of Sauron

After watching all of those animations that were labeled in English, I started poking around with the ones described in Russian only, having no idea what I’d find. Holy cats! Some of these are even BETTER than the ones I watched this morning. My favorite so far is Jackie Chan vs. The Eye of Sauron. […]

Indiana Jones vs. Lara Croft

This is just one of a WHOLE BUNCH of animated ads for some Russian (?) crunchy snack. As near as I can tell, they are ALL awesome!!!

D&D Monster Man

Ever wonder what various D&D monsters sound like? Well, this guy has obviously given the matter WAY too much thought! Thanks to Heather for the link!

April Fool’s Day

I have a long standing familial connection to April Fool’s Day. It is the holiday that my father likes celebrating best. Some of you may remember that, in the Brown family, this tradition is marked by “surprising” my father by tellilng him that his car is on fire. We’ve been doing this for at least […]