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Feeling Very ’80s

For some reason, I’ve been listening to a lot of my ’80s music recently. Not just ANY ’80s music … specifically stuff that came out between 1982 and 1986. I haven’t done this consciously … it’s just what I’ve been in the mood for. This trend started before Gen Con, when I found myself listening […]

Double-Holiday (Or Maybe Triple)

Today is another of my artist holidays … well … actually it’s TWO of my artist holidays all rolled into one square on the calendar. June 21st is both Al Hirschfeld’s and Berke Breathed’s birthdays. Al Hirshfeld is one of the great caricaturists of the 20th-century, indeed (in my opinion) of all time. I became […]

An Old Joke From I-80

Q: What happened when the Pope went to Mt. Olive?

Noticed For The WRONG Reasons

We generally like it when our schools’ sports programs get called out for some kind of national attention. I have to admit to wearing my Binghamton University (though it was SUNY Binghamton in my day) pride last year when the basketball team made it to the NCAA National Tournament for the first time ever. But […]

We’re Goin’ Dancing!

I slept in and missed the first half of the Binghamton game … but was up and on the couch for a nail-biting second half. In the end, though, the Bearcats held out and won … which means they’re the America East Conference champions … which means for the first time in school history, they’re […]

Go Bearcats!

I’m a fairly long way from my college days (21.5 years and counting), but like many people I still feel a connection to my alma mater. A lot has changed on the campus … for one, the school is now known as Binghamton University rather than SUNY Binghamton. This is fair enough, though, since before […]