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Dungeoneering 101

Summer time is here, and that means all kinds of road trips, side trips, days off, and “I’m booooored!” time for the lil adventurers out there. Just in time, Rogue Genius Games has just the solution for you . . . Dungeoneering 101, a coloring and activity book available for purchase and download as a PDF. […]

Wednesday Toon: Seeing Is Believing

It’s Wednesday, and that means a new comic over at This week we see that there isn’t any ploy too cheap for a hungry dungeon denizen.

Wednesday Toon: Ramming Speed

It’s Wednesday, and that means a new comic over at This week it’s a naval Typo of Doom contributed by none other than Bruce Heard (who just completed a successful Kickstarter drive for his World of Calidar campaign setting).

New 10’x10′ Toons … HERE

I’ve fallen out of the habit of posting updates here … much to my own chagrin. I’ve let Facebook and Twitter and even Google + carry all the weight of carrying my thoughts to the world. But I KNOW that if I’d just get back into the habit of posting here, I’d also take the […]

Typos of Doom!

I was first introduced to the concept of “Typos of Doom” by Miranda Horner, a terrific editor whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with for nearly 20 years. (Holy cats!) She kept a running list of Typos of Doom on the wall in her office, and enthusiastically shared them with anyone who […]

I Luv, I Luv, I Luv My Calendar Orc . . . .

Yesterday I hinted . . . no, I downright TEASED you that I’ll have a brand new product available for sale at Gen Con this year. Well, the waiting is over. It’s time to officially announce that product. Well, okay, I already DID announce it on Facebook . . . and Twitter . . . […]

A New Toon

I neglected to mention it the other week, but I put a new comic up at the 10’x10′ Toon site. That’s a pretty rare occurrence these days, and it makes me feel sad to realize it. There was a good 10 months or so back a couple of years ago where I was succeeding in […]

A Busy Couple Of Weeks

Yeah, so as this post’s title suggests, it’s been a busy couple of weeks here at the Stan!plex. Besides working Mon-Fri at Wizards of the Coast, I’ve been spending my evenings and weekends working on some of my ongoing freelance assignments. As fate would have it, four separate turn overs all came due in the […]

More Free Stuff

I needed a break from the project I’m working on, but didn’t want to wander too far from the computer, so I spent a little while putting together a page of comics that I’ve done for other web sites and posted it in my Free Stuff section. It pulls together a bunch of work I did […]

Happy New Year!

Okay! Here we are … 2011! Everything is shiny and new! Well … just as shiny and new as things are EVERY morning. That’s really the lesson I like to take from New Year’s Day … because I’ve always found it a little silly to mark this one calendar day as a “new start” when […]