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INKtober Original Art

In October 2015 I took part in an artistic challenge called “INKtober.” The challenge was to create a new pen & ink drawing every day during the month. I piggy-backed this challenge with another one called “DRAWlloween” which presented a list of daily Halloween-related concepts and challenged artists to make a piece of art with the theme of the day.

My DRAWlloween pictures were done initially in ink, then scanned and finished digitally. But then I went back to the original ink drawing and developed it with crosshatching until it was a complete and different piece of art that posted for INKtober.

I’m using this page to sell the original art for the INKtober pieces. I’ll post all of the currently available images here (click on each image to see a larger version), and if you are interested in buying one, contact me through email, Facebook, Twitter, or some other method you like better.

You’ll get an original piece of art, hand drawn and signed by me. All the pieces are on roughly 4-inch-by-six-inch pieces of illustration board (the image is not always centered on the board). This does not come with any ancillary rights (I retain copyright of the image and may use it in other projects or sell reproductions).

Each INKtober drawing costs $20, and there is a $5 shipping & handling charge to mail it within the U.S. For those in Canada, the shipping & handling charge is $15. For those in other parts of the world, shipping & handling is $25. (Wherever you’re from, you only have to pay the shipping & handling fee once, even if you buy multiple drawings.)

Payment can be made via PayPal. When I confirm that the piece you want is still available, I’ll also give details on what PayPal account you should send money to.

Below are images of the original INKtober 2015 drawings that are currently available for purchase. All sales are made on a first come first served basis, so whoever contacts me first will be given first option to purchase a particular piece.