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Back when the Ficlets project was still active, I dove in and wrote a couple of these ultra-short stories. AOL took down site in 1999. But since all the contents of the site was posted under Creative Commons, the Ficlets Memorial has been able to rescue my piecesĀ (along with thousands of others) and keep them available for anyone to read.

Wasting Away

Tailor Made


Shortly after my Legend of the Five Rings novel, Clan War: The Crab, was published, I was invited to participate in a fun little L5R-related project. Six authors were asked to work together to produce a Monkey Clan short story. We wrote the story sequentially, each one picking up where the previous author left off, with no instructions or outline other than what was suggested in the tale to that point. I wrote Part 2, and did my best to make it stand on its own as a mysterious piece of cliffhanger micro-fiction. Of course, then the other authors went on and finished up the whole story anyway. So you can choose to read the whole thing, or just my piece . . . but either way, I think you’ll have a fun time.

Brothers of the Monkey (part 2)