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This might seem a little redundant since I already have a couple of websites devoted to my comics ( and, but I’ve done work for other people and a lot of it’s floating out there in the Internet, if you know where to search. Here are some of my favorites.


For a few years, the WotC web site was giving me pretty regular work doing interesting projects. The links have since been buried with various site re-designs and the switch over to 4th Edition … but so far most of it still seems to be there.

April Fool’s Day Maps: Treasure Room, Dirt Cavern, Ice Maze, The Underdark

D&D Holiday Cards: 2002, 2003, 2004

D&D Coloring Albums: Lair of the Beholder, Grub’s First Adventure, Iyov’s First Quest

Humorous PC Portraits

Typos of Doom: 2004, 2005, 2006


More of these have gone missing over the years. I’m particularly sad that the pledge drive cartoons I did for NPR and the caricatures I did for the ESPN2 show Cold Pizza seem to be lost in the ether. Maybe I can dig up the originals and post them somewhere.

Ptypos of Doom

Malhavoc Press 9th Anniversary

Monstrous Madness

The Game Mechanics Holiday Card