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Warriors Adventure Game–A free tabletop RPG I designed for the Harper Collins Children’s Book series The Warriors. Suitable for ages 8 and up. Basic knowledge about the series is helpful, but not absolutely necessary. This game was nominated for a 2010 ENnie Award for Best Free Product.


D&D v3.0/3.5 Adventures

[NOTE: It seems as though Wizards of the Coast has removed some or all of the free D&D adventure files from their archives, making it impossible to download them from the original source. This is, of course, totally within their purview. Since these were free adventures from the start, we are seeking permission to repost the adventures written by Stan! here and keep them available for download. Until that permission is given, however, we cannot in good conscience violate WotC’s copyright on the material. However, if you do an Internet search for the title of the adventures, you may find other sources that are hosting or mirroring the files already.]

Stone Dead–Can the heroes solve the mystery of why the entire populace of Respite has been turned to stone? Suitable for four 14th-level characters.

Bad Moon Waning–When the priestess in Deepwood is mauled to death, it seems clear one of the other villagers is a werewolf. Can the heroes determine which one before he or she strikes again? Suitable for four 10th-level characters.

Fharlanghn’s Garden–A secret garden that is sacred to followers of the God of Travel. Originally presented as a series of Random Encounters articles.

The Itinerant Bazaar–A traveling band of merchants who bring Market Days to towns normally too small to host them. Originally presented as a series of Random Encounters articles.

d20 Modern Adventures

No Man’s Land–A museum exhibit on WWI trench warfare suddenly becomes a little too immersive. Designed for 3rd-level characters.

A Funny Thing Happened At Carousel #5–An off-beat adventure about phonic-absorption, international espionage, high fashion, insider trading, and six identical pieces of luggage. Designed for 7th-level characters.

A Crisis on Canyon Road–An ordinary chance to be good samaritans takes on a sinister overtone when the victims of a car wreck suddenly begin shooting at their would-be rescuers. Designed for 17th-level characters.


These five d20 Modern scenarios were made to be playable as a stand-alone adventures but, if played in sequence, also to serve as a mini-campaign.

The Petersen Counterstrike–A home invasion and hostage situation in the penthouse apartment of a top-level Department-7 researcher. Designed for 9th-level characters.

Blood Sugar–Too much Halloween candy is bad for you, but the Children of Chaos cult is trying to make it deadly. Designed for 10th-level characters.

The Final Feast–The Children of Chaos strike on Thanksgiving, serving a meal that no one can walk away from. Designed for 11th-level characters.

The Dead of Winter–As the holidays approach, a vicious beast stalks the streets of the city, mauling unsuspecting revelers. Designed for 12th-level characters.

Resolutions–Catching the bad guys is half the battle, making sure that justice is served is another. The heroes must take the witness stand against the Children of Chaos. Designed for 13th-level characters.

The Professional

This was supposed to be a three-adventure d20 Modern mini-campaign for high-level characters. But only the first two scenarios were ever released. As far as I know, the third adventure–A Final Warning–is still sitting in a drawer somewhere in the WotC offices.

A Friendly Warning–A quiet afternoon in a local coffee shop becomes a life-or-death challenge when an enemy from the heroes’ past sends them a message. Designed for 18th-level characters.

Crossing the Line–Sometimes getting into the building is the most difficult part of an assignment. Designed for 19th-level characters.