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SUMO: Most Popular Rikishi 3–1

Time to wrap up the Most Popular Rikishi Show posts. Quite a surprise last time that Hakuho ended up at #4 . . . at least it was a surprise to me. I expected him to be top three. In fact, I was SURE that I knew who the top three would be (I even felt pretty confident about the order), but I guess I don’t know my Japanese sumo fans the way I thought.

Anyway, I DO feel pretty confident that I know who these top three will be (based on who hasn’t yet been on the countdown)—one from the ’60s, one from the ’80s, and one from the ’90s—the only question will be in what order they’ll come.

Only one way to find out . . . let’s watch the video!

Again, a BIG thanks to Jason Harris for all the time and effort he puts in posting sumo videos. If you enjoyed this series or enjoy his hon-basho videos, please consider putting a buck or two into his PayPal Tip Jar.

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