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SUMO: Most Popular Rikishi 7–4

Here’s the sixth segment of the Most Popular Rikish Show. TWO of our current yokozuna are included in this batch, but the real thing I want to talk about is the rikishi in the #7 spot—Asashoryu.

If you listen to Jason’s narration, and look at the faces of the celebrities on screen, you may note a bit of hesitance or conflictedness. That’s because as great as Asashoryu was (his performance makes that undeniable), he also is a problematic figure in sumo history. He’s the only yokozuna ever to be suspended for “conduct unbecoming to a champion” and was eventually forced to resign because he was alleged to be involved in match fixing and barely escaped being charged with assault for an incident outside a Tokyo nightclub. Basically, even today people aren’t sure whether it’s okay to embrace Asashoryu’s performance on the dohyo because he was such a miserable person off it. 

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