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JAPANESE TV ADS: McCalpis Shakes … Eeeewwww!!!

Summer’s here … and in Japan that means blistering hot days and bizarre TV commercials. Actually, the commercials are a year-round thing (as these videos attest), but they often get especially hyperbolic in the heat of the summer. 

This batch contains:

• Insect karate in a stick!
• The new McCalpis Shake at McDonalds (you kinda need some in-country experience for this commercial to even register, but if you have even an INKLING of what a “Calpis Shake” might be like, you’re already making a SAN check).
• “Kiki’s Delivery Service” reimagined as a Japanese High School drama in order to sell some Cup Noodle instant ramen. Honestly, I might watch a whole anime series if they ever made it.
•Want to beat the summer heat? Wear a nylon jacket with a built-in fan to keep you cool while you swelter.

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