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Rebel Mole—A Star Wars Notion

Last night I dreamed of a Star Wars character concept that I think would be fun, though I admit that such a character may already exist (I’m not well versed in the past or present SWEU … pun semi-intended).

The idea is a rebel mole agent who was placed into the Imperial fleet shortly after the events of Ep. III. Her (my subconscious pictured the character as a woman … actually, it pictured her as Miranda Horner) assignment is to prevent any news, rumors, or reports about Luke and Leia from gaining any traction in the Imperial intelligence-gathering agencies … and in particular to keep even offhanded mentions of them from getting anywhere near Darth Vader.

The thought seemed to be that with a massive bureaucratic force like the Empire, SOME low-level researcher would have to come across hints of the twins’ origin, and would want to pass it up the chain … even if it seems ridiculous. The rebel agent would have to be placed well in Imperial Intelligence so as to block such reports … AND be a skilled assassin who would go out and eliminate the too-clever-for-their-own-good researchers.

By the time of Rogue One or Ep. IV, this agent would have spent close to 20 years on the job. She would certainly have gone up in rank, perhaps even landing on Vader’s personal staff, and she would have had to have killed (or have had killed) dozens, perhaps hundreds of basically innocent researchers.

What would that do to her standing with the Force? With the Rebels? Within the Empire? What would her internal monolog be like? What story would she tell herself about the work she’d done (and continued to do)? And how would all that change with Vader’s realizations in Eps. IV & V?


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