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Sunday Knee Update

As the weekend pulls to a close, I thought I’d give an update on my knee. It seems that given time, even incremental progress eventually leads to what seems like big improvements.

Based on my doctor’s advice on Friday, I’ve been wearing the knee brace less and less … and slowly increasing the distance that I’ll toodle around with a cane rather than the crutches. Also, with the increased range of motion and decreased general achiness, I decided to try driving myself for short, local bits of transportation. As a result, today I went and made a social call on Owen & Lj, picked up my own dinner, and walked probably the equivalent of a quarter-mile (with a loosely strapped brace and a cane). And here, tonight, I don’t feel worse for the wear.

Of course, I also slept a full 11 hours last night AND had a short naps in both the afternoon and the evening. (My doctor actually PRESCRIBED additional rest … he WROTE it on a prescription pad and everything.) So I’m clearly still a ways away from full steam. But I think that I’m going to be able to drive myself to work this week … AND increase my schedule closer to real full-time (I’m guessing I’ll average about 6 hours a day this week).

I’m now also trying to work in some time at the freelance table, because I’ve fallen behind on work there and that just is a bad state of affairs that I can’t allow to continue. But I do know that progress must remain slow if I want it to remain steady … and particularly if I don’t want to suffer any relapses. I just have to make sure my freelance clients know that I’m keeping them in my thoughts and plans … and do whatever I can to make sure that important deadlines don’t slip TOO far.

Still and all, the news this weekend is good. And two weeks after the start of this medical drama, I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just have to be careful not to trip over anything as I move bit by bit toward that light.

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