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Saturday Knee Update

So, I went a couple of days without an update. That’s a good sign, right? Absolutely, yes … but it’s also a sign of how exhausted I was at the end of each of the last two days. Tired and unfocused enough, anyway, that I didn’t have it in me to write even brief overviews of how the days had gone. Whether that’s because I was trying to do too much, or because my body is still begging for A LOT of extra rest, I can’t really be certain.

Over the course of the week, I put in at least 4 hours in the office each day. On the one hand, sitting at the desk there isn’t that much more taxing than sitting at my computer here. But on the other hand, the mere act of getting from the parking lot to the desk feels like real physical WORK and leaves me perspiring, though not out of breath. And, maybe more importantly, there’s no real option for taking a break or having a lie down … just pushing through till the day of the end. And then the call for rest has come home to roost, leaving me without much energy or focus for the whole of the evening.

I had help from Keri, Nancy, Owen, Lj, and Elizabeth at various points over the past few days with things ranging from transportation, shopping, household chores, and simple socialization.

Yesterday I went in for a follow-up with my doctor. He was satisfied with the healing progress … and switched me to a less intense NSI med. The general thought being, if things aren’t close to being fully resolved in another 10 days, he’s thinking it might be wise to get me set up with some physical therapy to get things back on track, and build up strength to prevent future recurrences.

Starting today, I’ll be wearing the knee brace less, though if I’m going to be walking any significant distances (oy … when did “more than a few hundred yards” become “significant”?) I’ll probably still have it on … or at least with me. I’ll also be segueing from crutches back to a cane bit by bit.

Really, I’m at a weird point in the recovery. Definite progress has been made. But I’m still having to rely on “camp showers” with cloths and sponges because getting my leg over the lip of the bathtub and standing steadily in the shower is beyond me. I’m ready to drive myself if I need to go anywhere, but getting across a parking lot to my actual destination is a dicey proposition. I can get TO the supermarket, but am not stable enough to walk the aisles or get the groceries from the check-out to my car (or from the car to my apartment). I can get myself to the laundry room … but I can’t carry my laundry there.

So, yeah … that’s how things look on this Saturday afternoon … two weeks after this little knee trouble started. Definitely better … but definitely still a challenge.

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