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Monday Knee Update

Originally, my thought today was to go into the office for half-a-day … to catch up on work and test both my knee and my endurance. However, I woke up with the distinct feeling that today was not a good day to push things too far, so I called in sick.

I DID do a couple of hours of work remotely, which is good … but there were several important tasks I was unable to accomplish, and that was bad. But overall, my decision not to push myself was a smart one. I’m going to give the “going into the office thing” a try tomorrow. It might end up being for LESS than a full half-day … we’ll see. There are things I need to do, and among them is “don’t push myself too hard” … but also among them are these particular office-based tasks.

Keri & JD came over during the middle of the day to help with some household chores (man, I feel so bad asking friends to do things that, in the big picture, I was just too lazy to do when I SHOULD have instead of procrastinating like I did … but having the tasks done now makes me feel better overall … so I’ll just have to remember NOT to procrastinate so badly in the future, and to show the depth of my gratitude once I’m back fully on my feet).

We also did a quick run out to the bank and the grocery store, where for the first time I made use of their electric carts. As a game designer, I have to say that they need to tweak some of the user interface on those things, but overall they helped greatly.

The most disheartening news of the day is that I DID “overdo it” a bit in my outing, and had a previously only sore muscle pretty much clench into a full-blown cramp. I’m hoping that cold compress, followed by hot compress, followed by LOTS of rest will mean that the muscle is mostly better by the morning … but right now it smarts something fierce.

Anyway, that’s the news for the day. More progress, more small steps back, and still A WHOPPING TON of support from friends. That means that I have a lot to be thankful for this Monday!

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