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Sunday Knee Report

Healing continues to be slow but steady … enough to say that progress is clearly being made, but still not enough to think about ditching the crutches.

I’m thinking about heading back to work for half-days starting tomorrow, and the only part that really has me uncertain is that each day there seems to come a point in time where my body says, “Y’know what, forget about what you had planned NOW is the time when you should nap.” Sometimes it’s in the morning, relatively shortly after I got up. Other times it’s in the middle of the afternoon (which would be inconvenient in the office). And yet other times it’s about 7 or 8pm, ensuring that sleeping “through the night” is going to be impossible.

Actually, so far TODAY is the first day when a nap has not been mandatory … and maybe THAT’S the biggest clue that things are getting better.

The exact point of weakness on my leg changes. As swelling goes down in certain areas around my knee, they seem to release the vice-like grip they had supporting some other area and revealing a new weakness/ache that must be healed before more progress can be made. At this point, I’m pretty convinced that my leg will not be back to normal by the time my prescription runs out … and I’m curious to hear what the doctor will say when examines the developments.

Tonight, Owen & Lj brought some dinner over, helped me with hygiene for my hair and feet, and we finally got around to watching “The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires,” the third film that Owen has officially recognized for the historical period piece/horror/romance sub-cross-genre. (Though, as he rightfully points out, “it’s the worst of the bunch.”)

For the first time since the original, and as yet still mysterious, injury, I’m going to try sleeping in my bed. I think that the knee brace will prevent me from doing additional harm to myself, and I hope that I’ll sleep more soundly with something wider than the couch holding up my frame.

Guess you’ll have to wait till the morning to see how that works out, though.

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