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Saturday Morning Knee Update

I think I’m at the point in this injury where these posts are going to become VERY repetitive. Each morning I’m waking up feeling noticeably better … yet still very much in need of the crutches, even for short-range scooting around the apartment. Going longer distances is more possible, yet still exhausting.

The knee brace I picked up yesterday is certainly helpful at keeping my leg … uh … braced. And while overnight that meant the knee itself stayed very still and (presumably) healed without extra stress, it also caused stiffness and a little bit of swelling further up my thigh. Sorta like two steps forward, one step back.

Last night Owen & Lj came over bearing ice cream, and we spent the evening going over some Rogue Genius Games business and watching YouTube vids. Don’t judge … we had fun!

I’m going to try to get some work done today, something I’ve been mostly unable to do all through the week, despite repeated efforts … I just don’t realize how much “fidgeting” is an integral part of this healing process until I try to sit in one place and be productive. Fingers crossed that this is going to improve quickly over the next few days, because there are TOO MANY projects that are suffering for lack of my attention (both at my day job AND on my freelance calendar).

No real plans for any socialization today/tonight. I suppose if anyone is looking for a really dull time, they can consider coming over here and watching a movie or something … but I think I’ll probably be doing that as a solo act this evening. Quite all right, actually. While I do enjoy having company, I’m also quite capable of entertaining myself, too.

Thank you all again for checking in on me (even virtually) and throwing thumbs up and other bits of moral support my way. There’s a lot that’s disheartening about this injury, not the least of which being the slow recovery process, but having little reminders of all the folks out there who are in my corner is a palpable help.

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