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Friday Midday Knee Update

Progress continues to be palpable. I got up this morning and felt much less stiffness from a long sleep with my leg motionless, and and improved ability to stand unsupported. However, going to the bathroom to wash my face and freshen up showed me how much more healing is still left to go. It’s humbling and frustrating … but patience is the only course to healing.

Last night Luis came over to visit again (thanks, amigo). We had some Thai food and played a board game … y’know, like normal folks do. Of course the rigamarole that had to be done in order to set the room up in such a way as was convenient for all these things AND left me room to maneuver should I need to go to the kitchen or bathroom, again was a little frustrating. But I’ve got great friends who are willing to pitch in and tell me it’s no big deal. (May I never forget how blessed this makes me.)

Speaking of awesome friends, today Keri came by and took me to a medical supply store so I could pick up a knee brace that Danger Doc Forrestalprescribed for me. It is TERRIFIC and provides a TON better support for my knee. I can only guess that it speed my recovery and prevent inadvertent twisting that might cause relapse.

From there, we went to the Wizards offices so I could do a tiny bit of work, consult with some of my colleagues, and pick up my laptop so that I can do work from home and help to unsnarl the back-up that my week’s absence has created. It ALSO will allow me to invoice for a few billable hours of work this week to cover the cost of my insurance premiums.

Finally, we went to Jimmy Mac’s Roadhouse Renton for lunch and general chit chat. I haven’t gotten to hang out with Keri for a while so this was terrific. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if JD had been able to join us, but he had this silly little thing called “work” that was demanding his presence and attention.

Back at the apartment now, I think a mid-afternoon nap is on the agenda, but I don’t feel nearly as tired as I have the past few days … so maybe it really will only be a catnap this time.

This evening there are tentative plans for Owen & Lj to come over and perhaps watch a vampire Kung-Fu movie … but they’ve got busy schedules, too, so we’re still playing that by ear. The funny thing is that the weekend is coming up and I’ve got nothing at all on the schedule … so we’ll just have to wait and see how that goes. My fridge is already filled with food from previous visitors, so I’m certainly not wanting for any provisions.

All in all, it’s been a crazy week. If you told me last Friday that I’d be this laid-up and consider it a “vast improvement” from a week ago, I’d have found it difficult to conceive … yet here I am.

Thank you again to ALL my friends—those who have come by and kept me company, those who have shuttled me to appointments, those who have given generously to my larder, those who have given even more generously of their time, those who have offered to help and remain “on call” should I need them, and those who have sent me messages of support—to ALL of you, from the bottom of my heart I say, “Thank you!”

May you all have fun and relaxing weekends!

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