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Thursday Morning Knee Update

It is clear to me that things are improving. I only got up once during the night, and at my age that’s a relative victory regardless of the knee problems. Pain is down further, mobility is up further, strength is starting (slowly) to return. That having been said, giving myself a thorough sponge bath and shave just about wore me out and left my recently no-rinse-shampooed hair slick with sweat. I’ve clearly got a way to go in this healing process.

I’ve got to make some business calls today to make sure that taking a week off from my “billable hours” gig isn’t going to wreak havoc with my insurance (since I’m supposed to pay premiums out of my weekly pay checks). And I’ve contacted the folks at Wizards to let them know that I can handle 3-4 hours of work if they have anything I can do remotely (maybe proofreading or something … it would be more if I had my laptop here, but it’s still safely at my desk in the office).

Still I continue to set aside time JUST for putting my leg up and letting it rest and heal. That’s really the MOST important thing overall.

I had a text chat this morning with my personal east coast emergency medical physician, who has given me added recommendations. (Oh, and happy anniversary Kerry & Shannon!) It looks like I’ll have visitors for lunch and dinner, so I guess this will be a relatively busy day. Y’know, if it wasn’t for the pain and inconvenience, this wouldn’t be so bad. ;^)

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