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Wednesday Evening Knee Update

Today was a day where a lot of things have gone right. The newly prescribed anti-inflamatory medicine is clearly making progress. I definitely notice continued slow improvement in the strength and range of motion for my knee. Of course, I still need the crutches to get even from my desk to the couch … but I don’t feel exhausted when I do. (Going to the kitchen and back, though, does still leave me a little wiped out.) And in the middle of the afternoon I felt the sudden need for a 3-hour nap. Still … progress for certain!

I also had a series of visitors today, one of whom I didn’t even wake up to greet even though she was bringing me some requested groceries (sorryMichelle). I couldn’t make it down to Cedar River Smokehouse for BBQ Lunch today, but Steven and Andy brought some in and shared the lunch hour with me (thanks, guys)! And later in the afternoon, Owen & Lj came over with a basket of freshly done laundry (my heroes!) and to introduce me to the wonders of “no rinse shampoo.”

There are a lot of simple things that have proven difficult with my mobility so limited, and personal hygiene is high on the list. With washcloths and baby wipes, I’ve been able to keep my face-to-thighs region reasonably clean with “camp baths” … but the extremes of my hair and my feet have proven beyond my ingenuity. But this no rinse shampoo is pure genius!

In case, like me, you have never heard of it, here’s how it works: You apply it directly to the hair, wet it all down, knead it in thoroughly (like even MORE thoroughly than normal), and when you’re done, just towel-dry your head … and miraculously, your hair is surprisingly clean. It’s about 85% as good as a regular shampoo, so not something you’d want to use every day. But after five days without an actual shower, my hair was getting pretty ratty … and now it’s almost back to normal.

As for the feet, Lj revealed to me that in her past she worked as a home healthcare provider, and offered to do a basic clean-up for me. Oddly enough, this is what I was most skittish about, not because I think there’s anything wrong with having someone wash my feet … but because I just hate imposing the funk of my so long unwashed pedal extremities on anyone, ESPECIALLY a friend. But Lj convinced me that it was okay and so I got over my perhaps Pulp Fiction inspired hesitance … and so for the first time since last Friday I’m fully clean, head to toe.

When all of this is done and I’m back on my feet, I am going to have to come up with some super nice gesture I can do to show my deep and abiding thanks for all support friends have been giving me this week. And beyond the ones whose names I’ve listed out, there are probably that many again who have assured me repeatedly that I should call if I need any help—they’re ready and willing to step in to help.

I am TRULY a very lucky person to have such wonderful people in my life.

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