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Monday Morning Knee Update (It’s Monday Morning, Right?)

As I posted yesterday, over the weekend I managed to do something really, truly, deeply painful to my knee … but which the doctor at urgent care tells me is “just soft muscle damage.” I’m not disputing her … it seems like the right call to me. There are no signs of structural damage to the knee, bruising, or even particularly much swelling … just A LOT of pain.

As she instructed, I kept the knee wrapped in ace bandages most of the day yesterday, tried to keep it elevated as much as possible (though it shocked me how uncomfortable that was), used a cane to hobble around my apartment to do things like get food, use the facilities, and such … but basically, I stayed still. And it was exhausting. UNFORTUNATELY, ibuprofen really didn’t take enough of the edge off the pain to allow me to fall deeply asleep … so for the second night in a row, I basically got a series of 20-minute naps interspersed with clumsily rearranging myself on the couch, and every few hours getting up to go to the bathroom or get a fresh cold compress.

And here I am. Monday morning, having called into work saying that I’m taking a sick day (which, since I’m a contractor, means I’m just losing billable hours). They were VERY understanding … but it galls me to have to take time off from a desk job because my leg hurts. Still, going in today would have been a bad call. I can’t sit in any one position long enough to do any appreciable work (which means I’m not making any progress on freelance assignments either).

Owen came to visit with me for a while last night (thank you for the company and supplies, amigo). He made me realize that I’d be much more mobile right now with a pair of crutches than with my cane … I can’t really put ANY weight on the leg still … and crutches would let me move more nimbly with less pain. Think I might have to look into that.

So here’s what I’ve got planned for the day: Watch some Netflix, try to get a little light writing done, try to get a little light reading done, and hope like the dickens that there is substantial improvement. Perhaps I’ll entertain a visitor or two if anyone feels like coming around and listening to me winge.

If there isn’t marked improvement by tomorrow, I think I’ll be heading BACK to the doctor for a re-assessment … and maybe some higher order painkillers. (I’m not one who LIKES the idea of LOOKING for that … but I really DO need to get some solid sleep.)

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