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My Weekend So Far (A Long Tale)

Woke up Saturday morning with my left knee bothering me. Stiff muscles and moderate pain when I put my full weight on it. I figured I must’ve slept with it tucked in an unfortunate position … it’s happened before. So I wrapped it in an ace bandage, grabbed my “old man cane” and set gingerly out on my day.

As it turns out, my friend Steve Miller was having it much worse. A leg infection had him hospitalized, so I decided swing by and visit with him for a while. While walking through the parking lot, I was taking longer strides than I ought to, and gave my knee another twist … but on I went. I visited with Steve for a while, then went to the Burger Addict to try what I’ve heard are the best burgers in town … and found that description to be 100% accurate. Definitely going to go back there again.

After dinner, went over to Chez Rateliff for an evening of socializing and video watching. Took off the ace bandage and elevated my leg through the auspices of their lovely recliner seats. We watched CAST A DEADLY SPELL (which was even better than I remembered it being) and GHIDORAH THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER (1964) … a FINE evening of entertainment!

When I lowered my leg, though, I found that my knee had stiffened up something fierce and ANY weight on my left leg was now QUITE painful. But it didn’t seem like the kind of thing one goes to an Emergency Room for, if only because it was by NO definition an “emergency.”

I went home. Took some ibuprofen, put the leg up with some ice (or, truthfully, frozen broccoli) on it, and tried to sleep. I was only intermittently successful at that last part and probably managed to get 4 or 5 fitful hours of rest before getting up to find the leg as painful as the night before … and stiffer to the point where I no longer thought it was a good idea for me to be driving a car.

Thankfully, my very good friend Jeff Grubb (who, it should be noted, is suffering from a strained leg muscle, himself) swung by and took me to the local urgent care facility. The nurses there were so impressed by my hobbling through the parking lot that they met me at the door with a wheelchair.

There is cold comfort when the doctor, having examined you, says that you’ve done just what you should have. That there is no sign of trauma or physical injury other than the pain, and that I should wrap it in an ace bandage, keep it elevated as much as possible, take ibuprofen if pain persists, and let it heal. (Of course, there’s also some frustration in having to pay over $100 out of pocket for that confirmation … but that’s a different story.)

So now I’m home. leg wrapped, fiddling on the computer a bit before I go lay down on the couch and put my leg up again. I’m not going to get much work done today (and “not much” may actually turn out to be “none at all”). If things aren’t drastically better tomorrow, I’m going to take an unpaid sick day … because the thought of hobbling around the office, groaning, grunting, and mildly cursing with every step just isn’t something I want to put myself or my coworkers through.

I’ll post updates as there’s anything worth saying. In the meanwhile … I’ll be on the couch.

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