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Give a “Sukky” to Your Valentine

As anyone who has ever heard me tell my “White Day” story knows, the Japanese have created their own unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day . . . and it’s ALL about the chocolate! Well, this year it seems that the Glico company has taken it a step further and tried to make it all about Pocky!

For those of you who don’t know, Pocky [pronounced “POH-kee”] is a very popular candy/snack food that consists of cookie-sticks that have been dipped in chocolate (with a wide range of variations on that theme). In recent years they’ve become pretty widely available overseas, too (you might even be able to find them in the International Foods aisle of your local supermarket) . . . but the really interesting stuff is still pretty much only available in the Japanese market.

This year for Valentine’s Day, they’ve introduced a whole line of special packages that make Pocky appropriate for all the different kinds of Valentine’s Day gifts you might have to give. The BEST of these being the “Sukky Pocky” . . . which you may be able to decypher if you know just a little about Japanese pronunciation and have ever watched any high school romance anime.

The whole thing is explained in this terrific video from J-Vlogger Sharla.

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