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Two Hundred REALLY Good Words

I’m lucky enough to have a lot of supremely talented friends engaged in some wildly entertaining projects. And because I’m a writer (among other things) there are a lot of writers in that crowd. It seems that hardly a week goes by when one or more of them doesn’t have a new novel, anthology, or game product coming out or being announced to the public, and from time to time I’ll promote those. But the truth of the matter is that by and large they are pretty dang good at promoting their own work.

Others of my friends, though, are engaged in very quiet projects that rarely have anything like a “product launch” or “release party,” and too easily slip under the collective radar. THOSE I try to give a little plug to when I see an opportunity  . . . and today I’m turning that spotlight (for whatever it’s worth) on my friend Peter Schaefer and his 200 project.

Basically, for the past few years Peter has been writing stories of EXACTLY 200 words in length. Mostly these stories fit under the broad umbrella of science-fiction, though some are closer to literary fiction, and still others are fables or social commentary. But they ALL are exactly 200 words long.

They also all are pretty freakin’ brilliant!

Take, for example Rocket Time, as published on (Peter’s had several stories accepted and published by them). Or A Funny Thing, published on Peter’s own website (where he generally posts three stories per week . . . today’s is A Decent Lowlife).

Go on, have a look. Read a few. It doesn’t take long (no longer than reading a couple of webcomics, certainly)—they’re only 200 words apiece and they really are very good. And I think pretty quickly you’ll find that Peter’s site is one you’ll want to come back and visit on a regular basis. (Or you could join his mailing list and get notified every time he posts a new story.)

And if you like them, pass the info along. Peter’s doing some terrific stuff . . . and more people need to know about it!

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  1. Thanks Stan for sharing this.

    Your timing is perfect, too, because I am working on a project for WotC’s DMs Guild that requires brevity and high information content all at once.

    Take care!

    Friday, January 22, 2016 at 3:07 pm | Permalink

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