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MANGA: Ultraman vol. 2

Yesterday was not a super-productive day . . . but my mood was made infinitely better by the arrival of my contributor copy of vol. 2 of the new Ultraman manga.

I really dig all of the work I’ve gotten to do with Viz Media (even the crazy-ass stuff like Deadman Wonderland), but getting to write the English Adaptation for Ultraman is pretty much a bucket-list type project for me. (The only thing that would top it is being able to work on an actual GODZILLA comic!)

The series is terrific—fun for newbies to the Ultraman univers, and full of great Easter eggs and subtle references for longtime fans. Seriously, I can’t recommend it highly enough (y’know, if manga is your kinda thing).

Ultraman vol. 2 will go on sale starting November 17th, and should be available wherever quality manga are sold (or, y’know, on Amazon if you don’t have a local manga shop).

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