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Where Are Those 14 Pages?

Since my post the other day about lessons I learned during 24-Hour Comic Day, I’ve had a few people ask me about the story I was working on during my attempt at that artistic challenge. As I said, the story is based on something that happened when I was teaching in Japan (it’s a story I generally refer to as “My Dog Bites My Car”) and I got 14 pages of the comic laid out, pencilled, and lettered . . . that’s probably about 80% of the story (though clearly only 60% of the 24-page challenge).

I knew that “My Dog Bites My Car” wasn’t likely to take a WHOLE 24 pages to tell, so I’d planned to let it take as many pages as it needed and then fill out the 24 pages with another small anecdote from my Japan years. Now that there’s no longer any pressure to FILL 24 pages, I’ll probably just wrap up the main story and call it good.

Yes, I DO intend to finish the work I started last Saturday. I’ve always wanted to try translating some of the Japan stories I tell in person into another medium—comics or prose or even video—and I’ve gotten so far along with this effort that it seems a shame not to complete it and share it with the world.

However, while I was able to prioritize working on this story for 24 hours, it now has to take a back seat to a list of other projects—some for clients, some for friends, some for particular calendar deadlines (like birthdays and holidays)—so I can’t say exactly when I’ll have something to show the world. But I wanted to let anyone who cares know that I AM planning to finish the story . . . AND to share it.

In the meanwhile, if you run into me somewhere and just can’t wait to know more, ask me to tell you the “My Dog Bites My Car” story. I just about never get tired of re-telling it!

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