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August Wrap-Up . . . September Overview

What? September 1st? Holy cats! Where did August go?!?

Okay, it started with Gen Con. And after that I was on the east coast for another ten days visiting family. And since I got back to Seattle I’ve been heads-down on a series of projects that were close to- or over-due. It certainly explains HOW the last few weeks have seemed to disappear so quickly . . . but it doesn’t really make me feel any better about it. And, as I look ahead to what this month has in store, I see another busy road. Here are the highlights (in as much as I can talk about them).

PROJECT: DAYTON — This is a gig for an e-game company writing voice-over dialog for an unannounced upcoming game. I made my midway turn over today, but the second half of work should hit my desk sometime next week. Fun work, but it tends to push other things aside while I’m focused on it.

WORK FOR VIZ — I’ve got no fewer than three assignments for Viz Media that have to be fully or partially done during September. One is the localization for an upcoming volume of the Ultraman manga, and the two others I can’t name specifically. In any case, that’s a fair bit of time at the keyboard.

PROJECT: PENGUIN — I mentioned this in vague terms in August . . . and really, I can’t give any more details now. It’s work for a private client that will have me drawing a lot of pictures of penguins. I’m behind on my milestones . . . and it’s bugging me even more because THIS is the most fun of the assignments on my plate. I WANT to be spending most of the month on this, but reality is making that look uncertain.

PROJECT: WRAP IT UP ALREADY — I’ve got a handful of micro-assignments, often just an individual drawing or short writing assignment, that I’ve been dragging around MEANING to finish up. I really NEED to polish a bunch of these off this month.

PROJECT: GAMERATI — Since July I’ve been doing some work with the Gamerati organization, editing and helping to curate the new and growing series of articles they’re publishing on the website. I’ll try to do a better job of shining a spotlight on these as they roll along.

PROJECT: BLOG — As you’ve probably noticed, over the past few weeks I’ve managed to begin posting here on the blog more regularly . . . and I want to keep that up! I’m trying to re-solidify my old habit of planning ahead, putting in a little work every day, and keeping a steady stream of (hopefully) interesting posts here. I’d LIKE to start making some of the posts be DRAWINGS of one sort or another . . . but that requires me to actually draw more than I’ve been successful in doing. However, if I CAN make this happen, I’ll ALSO probably succeed in jump-starting a couple of ongoing projects I’d like to do . . . and maybe even give me enough impetus to launch a Patreon page!

PROJECT: BARKER — Finally, I’ve had an idea that’s been rattling around in my head for the last 12–18 months . . . a new game . . . and I may have found the right venue to coax my brain into actually getting it DONE. But this is more likely to be at BEST an October project.

TRAVEL — Two weeks ago I’d have told you that I was NOT planning to leave the Seattle area at all in September. Now it’s seeming very likely that I’ll be down in the Los Angeles and Portland areas for at least a day or two. If I’m likely to have any free time during those trips, I’ll try to arrange a meet up of some kind.

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