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40 Updates Per Month . . . How Did I DO It?!?

The other week, a friend and I were talking about how we were making concerted efforts to re-energize our blogs with more frequent posts and (hopefully) compelling material. He said something about having at one time reliably updating three times a week for nearly a whole year.

I didn’t want to show him up, but the fact is that between December 2007 and March 201o I was posting between twenty-five and forty times per month. Not only could I not remember HOW I did such a thing, I couldn’t for the life of me remember WHAT I possibly had to say. So I went back, had a look, and it all became clear . . . I was inventing Facebook!

The updates in the 2007–2010 run were mostly very short posts that passed along some interesting bit of information, a link to an amusing story (or image or video), “life hacks,” or snippets of news about the projects I was currently working on. Basically, they were all the things I now routine slap into a Tweet or Facebook post. And, like my Facebook feed, every once in a while there was a longer, more considered topic that I’d taken more care to craft and edit carefully. But for the most part, my posts of that era were just little info dumps.

The reason I stopped, I feel comfortable saying, was that even making a quick info dump on my blog took me several minutes . . . but posting to Facebook took only a few seconds. It was quicker, more convenient, and reached more people more efficiently. But it also took something that was a real commodity for me (a website with frequent updates that friends, family, and fans were visiting regularly) and turned it into an afterthought that could easily be ignored . . . because I was churning all my interesting ideas as grist for Facebook’s word mill.

Truth be told, I now make something along the lines of 25–40 posts per WEEK on Facebook alone! Meanwhile, sinch 2011 I might only have made that many updates per YEAR hear on

Some of my friends managed to hold firm and keep their blogs as the main source for their posts (most notably Jeff Grubb, but he’s certainly not the only one), using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media as ways to link people back to their personal sites. I’ve GOT to get back into the habit of working that way, too. Sure, Facebook will probably still be the best way to pass along memes, cat pics, and wacky links, but any time I have more than a sentence or two to say about a subject, the post should live here on my blog . . . then I can use Facebook and Twitter to link back to here!

I said “habit,” and I chose that word particularly. It IS a habit. One I have to cultivate because it will STILL be EASIER to simply dash off a Facebook post. But if I want to rebuild traffic to the Stannex and give myself a footprint on the web that is MINE (and I do), it’s going to take a bit of work. I may never get back to having 40+ posts here per month . . . but 20–30 seems a reasonable goal. After all, I THINK I have SOMETHING worthwhile to say at least once per day. I mean USUALLY.

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