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Gen Con Plans

Believe it or not (and I can hardly believe it) but Gen Con kicks off in only TEN DAYS!! I don’t know about you, but I’ve got A LOT to do between now and then . . . but come July 30th, I’m going to be in Indianapolis for the Best Four Days in Gaming!

Actually, I’ll be there on the 29th . . . but that sorta brings home the point—if I want people to be able to find me at the show (and I do), I need to spread the word about what events and locations I’ll be loitering around.

First of all, if all else fails, the best place to come looking for me during show hours is the Gaming Paper booth (in the 700 aisle, booth #760). That will be my base of operations, where I’ll be hanging out, sketching, and even selling a few products. (And thanks to Erik Bauer for hosting me at the show and generally making me feel like a superstar.)

The next most likely place to find me will be at various seminars and events linked to the Gen Con Writer’s Symposium, which kindly invited me to be a speaker this year.

Here are the particular events that I’ve got on my schedule so far:

9:00 — Diana Jones Awards Ceremony

So far, I have no events on Thursday . . .  so I’ll probably spend a good deal of it walking around the Exhibit Hall. Maybe I’ll do some live-tweeting . . . maybe even have some special give-aways for those who manage to find me and know the “secret Stan! phrase” . . . I dunno . . . I’m making this up as I go along.

FRIDAY (7/31)
11:00–12:00SIGNING (Author’s Avenue). The Writer’s Symposium has a booth in Author’s Avenue where they’ll be hosting signing events. I’ll be part of this one.
4:00–5:00BUSINESS CROWDFUNDING 101 (Room 245). A seminar in the Writer’s Symposium track . . . whose title is pretty self-explanatory. I’ve been part of three successful Kickstarter campaigns, and one failed one, plus I’ve consulted on about half-a-dozen others. And I’m sure the other members of the panel will be just as experienced . . . probably MORE so.
EveningThe ENnie Awards Ceremony. It’s not 100% certain, but I USUALLY go to cheer on this celebration of the best that the hobby games industry has done in the past year. You should, too!

10:00–11:00CREATING MAGIC SYSTEMS (Room 244). A seminar in the Writer’s Symposium track. I’m sure we’ll talk about lots of magical stuff . . . not least of all, the different needs that fiction and game design place on magic system creation.
3:00–4:00SIGNING (Author’s Avenue). Same as above.
4:00–5:00FOUNDING RELIGIONS (Room 244). A seminar in the Writer’s Symposium track. In world building, a lot of time and energy is spent on defining pantheons and divine magic, but often the mundane details of religion in the world are given short shrift. What would a religion that venerates a chaotic-neutral god be like?
EveningWriter’s Symposium Gathering. If you’re part of the in crowd, you’ll know where this is. If not and you see me out and about, maybe you can follow me there.

SUNDAY (8/2)
So far, I have no events planned for Sunday . . . so I guess I’ll be wandering the Exhibit Hall floor again. Maybe there will be more live-tweeting. Who can say?

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