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I Don’t Want Your Money

It might seem like a strange thing for someone running a Kickstarter to say, but if you’re here at my blog reading this it’s absolutely TRUE.

Look, I created the “Stickers by Stan!” Kickstarter because I believe in the project—I believe that there’s an audience for it, and I hope that it FINDS that audience. But I know that some people feel pressure to contribute to projects that their friends launch, so let me say this as plainly as I can . . . I DIDN’T create this Kickstarter as a way to strong arm my friends into tossing a few bucks my way. So unless the sticker/clip art/coloring book rewards actually appeal to you, PLEASE don’t feel any pressure to become a backer. The truth is, if you want to help me in this endeavor, there’s a BETTER way to do it than pledging money.

The most valuable thing when running a Kickstarter, more valuable than ANY individual contribution, is getting folks to share the link to the campaign page as far and wide as possible.

I do a pretty good job of making my voice, my projects, and my goals known to the family, friends, fans, and interested onlookers who follow me in various sites and media. But success in an endeavor like this requires getting attention and support from people BEYOND the usual range of my voice . . . putting “Stickers by Stan!” in front of people who have no idea who I am. And THAT’S something that YOU, my friends, can do.

So if you want to help with my Kickstarter, the very BEST way you can do that is to share the link through Twitter, Facebook, blog posts, or any other venue you’ve got. Anyone who takes the time and makes the effort to do that will have earned my gratitude in abundance. And if you want to be of particular help, wait a few days and share the link AGAIN.

If you really DO want stickers (for yourselves, your kids, or to give as presents), then I will happily take your pledges, too. But seriously . . . I’m NOT looking for your money.

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