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The Enemy Is Me

“No plan,” they say, “survives contact with the enemy” . . . and sometimes the enemy is me.

Earlier in the month I made a post about some recent setbacks I’ve had on professionally, and my short-term plans for revving things up and (hopefully) getting them back on track. These included a “sale” on some of my professional services and an upcoming Kickstarter campaign . . . and I promised more details in the week ahead. That was last week and, as you may have noticed, there were a grand total of ZERO updated from me during that time.

What happened? As luck would have it, I had a couple of short term assignments come up, and I spent the week working on them. Not enough to change the general course that things are going, but enough to sideline my immediate activities (like updating my blog and giving out the details I’d promised).

Also, as I began preparing information, budgets, and schedules for my Kickstarter, which I’d gone so far as to announce the topic for, I realized that another idea I’ve been noodling around on would make a much BETTER choice for a short-term project . . . and, after weighing my options, I decided that the best thing to do would be to make THAT the Kickstarter I launch in (hopefully) the next few weeks.

So, yeah. Sorry for getting you all worked up (to a greater or lesser degree) and then leave you hanging . . . and thank you for those who have checked in via Facebook or Twitter or email to say that you WANTED to support my efforts, and that you were afraid you’d somehow missed the boat.

You didn’t miss the boat. The boat was just delayed. And I’m getting ready for boarding soon (to painfully stretch that metaphor). My new, current, up to the minute (for now) plans are:

* Post an update about my Kickstarter plans on Tuesday.
* Post details of my “Stan! Sale” over the course of updates on Wed–Fri.
* Stay on target . . . or make sure I announce if the targets shift again.

So thank you again simply for caring. Really, that means more to me than anything else!

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