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What’s This About a Kickstarter?

Over the past week or so I’ve casually thrown out references to the fact that I’m considering running a new Kickstarter campaign. Although I like to support and promote my friends’ Kickstarters, the last time I did one of my own was back in 2012 for The Littlest Shoggoth, and it went pretty well (if I do say so, myself). It exceeded the funding target and delivered the goods on time (and, more importantly, on budget) . . . and the book is still available in stores and online now!

Of course, having done it before, I am fully aware of how much WORK goes into a Kickstarter campaign, and I’ve been loathe to dive back into that pool again unless and until I had a project that I really felt strongly about. And the odd thing is, over the summer I’ve been pondering the fact that I’ve actually got TWO such projects developing in my notebooks and sketchpads . . . and I had to figure out which one to move forward with.

One of the projects was mostly focused on game design . . . the other one was mostly focused on writing and illustrating all-ages stories. And THAT was the big tension in my decision process. Game design is the arena in which I’ve had the most success over the years, and it’s also the category of Kickstarter that generally has the strongest track record. Writing and illustration, on the other hand is the part of my professional portfolio that I’d like most to grow, making it a bigger part of what I do and, consequently, am known for.

After much rumination, I’ve finally come to a decision . . . I’m going to follow my heart and press forward with the writing/illustration project. And, so I can stop “vaguebooking” (can I say that about something I’m not posting directly to Facebook?) what I’m talking about is raising some cash to fund my time and the physical production of more projects featuring Dr. Symm—the World’s Smartest Monkey.

I’ll admit, even having made the decision, I’m a little uncertain. Uncertain of the likelihood of success. Uncertain of how to get my message in front of the young reader audience. Uncertain of what I’ll do if I manage to catch a tiger by the tail and get the attention of a truly big audience. But one thing I AM certain about is that this project is where my heart is right now . . . and so it is the project I will devote my time and energy to.

I’ll have more info soon about Dr. Symm and the upcoming Kickstarter. I hope you’ll come back, have a look, and join me as I chase down this crazy dream.

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