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Ups and Downs . . . the October 2014 Edition

As I alluded to the other day, the waters of the freelance pool have been a little choppy recently. I spent the first half of 2014 doing work with my friends at Monte Cook Games, helping to manage the freelance art conga line for their awesome products for both Numenera and their new RPG The Strange. It was nice to work with friends, but especially to have the luxury of steady work (and associated paychecks) for eight months . . . but it was always a temporary gig, and as the summer wound down so did that work.

Thankfully, that happened just as a few assignments came in from Viz Media (a company I’ve been working with regularly for going on a decade now) and a couple of other small pieces of work landed on my desk. I was back in the freelance pool, which gave me cover as I started looking for full-time (or at least medium-length contract) work! Even better, a couple of new clients came to me talking about work for November and December, and potentially well into 2015. Things seemed to be going swimmingly.

Yeah. You know what comes next.

I found out recently that NEITHER of my potential new gigs is going to pan out the way we’d hoped. Indeed, neither one is going to be able to give me ANY work (not in this calendar year, anyway) . . . and while there’s all sorts of talk about the economy improving, so far it hasn’t shown any real impact on my hunt for a full-time “day job” (or even a stable medium-to-long term contract gig).

So here I sit, doing okay this week . . . but completely unsure of where ANY income is going to come from after next week.

Now, as I mentioned last week, I happen to already be in the midst of plotting out a new Kickstarter campaign that could potentially generate some money (potentially more than “some,” though I’m not putting any eggs in that particular longs-shot basket) . . . but that will still take some time to finish planning, then more time to execute, and even more time to collect whatever funds it does raise. And my landlord and the grocery store and all my other service providers are shockingly determined that I give them money ON TIME.

So I think I’m going to try something I’ve seen some other creative types do during lean times — I’m going to run a sale!

I’m still working out the details, but I should be ready to post them sometime next week. Basically, I’ll make my professional services available for a significantly reduced price . . . with the catch being that you have to pay up front to get that deal.

Of course, I’ve also got a fairly sizable collection of PDFs and even a few physical books that I’ve already done and have more or less “in stock.” I could (and probably would) also run a sale on these products, either making them available at a reduced price or “upgrading” them with signatures, sketches, and other personalizations.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know that this will work. But it certainly can’t hurt.

Anyway, I’ll have details soon-ish . . . and when I do, I’ll post about them here, and when I do I’ll be most grateful to anyone who helps me to spread the word (not to mention anyone who actually takes me up on the deal).

At the same time, I’ll keep my eyes on the horizon, keep planning my Kickstarter, and keep looking for a steady gig.

Yup . . . it’s fun here in the freelance pool. At least, it’s never dull.

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