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October Overview

Holy cats! I can’t believe it’s October (actually, the SECOND WEEK of October) already . . . and I don’t mean that in just the usual vague “time flies” kinda way. I’ve known for a while that this month was going to be one filled with lots of significant moments, and I’ve been actively tracking its approach since before the summer, and STILL it managed to sneak up on me!

Granted, getting knocked off my feet with a fierce post-travel head & chest cold ate up the tail end of September, threw me off my game, and put me behind on all my active deadlines . . . but even so, I don’t think I’d have been fully READY for October even if I’d stayed in the pink¬†of¬†health.

And then, on top of the events I knew were coming, life decided to throw me a few surprise pitches, too. So now there’s even MORE for me to fit into the month . . . and even less actual time to do it.

On the plus side, all of this gives me a trove of things to blog about . . . and maybe that will let me build up the momentum I need to make this a regular habit again. (At least that’s how I’m spinning it in my own mind . . . to, y’know, keep myself focused on the positive.) Guess I’ll start with an overview of the big topics that are on my mind (and on my plate) then follow up in the coming days with posts delving into the details.

In no particular order, subjects of the month include:

As anyone who knows me knows, I love celebrating my birthday and October is when I do it (mainly because that’s when my birthday is). Not only that, this year my oldometer rolls over a “number of significance,” which makes me want to celebrate even MORE. Anyway, I’ll have a few things to say about the view I have as I stand atop the crest of my fifth decade and prepare to take the first steps into my second half-century.

A lot of very good friends of mine ALSO have October birthdays, and I want to take a little time to spread some of my celebratory good cheer with them, too. Should be fun!

The economy may be recovering, but even in the best of times being a freelancer is a challenging way to make ends meet. I had it my head to do a few “behind the scenes” posts about what it’s like freelancing . . . then life decided to give me a solid “case in point.” The short version is that all of the work I had lined up for November and December has been either cancelled or indefinitely postponed. The question is: What am I going to DO about it?

Interestingly, even without the Freelance Curse, I was already starting to put together ideas for running a new Kickstarter campaign . . . and I had severable worthwhile possibilities. What were they? Which one am I leaning toward? What will happen to the other ideas? When would the Kickstarter kick-off? ALL good questions. Hopefully I’ve got some good answers.

So, yeah . . . I’ve got a lot going on in October.

C’mon back in the next few days (and weeks) to see how it all plays out. (I know I’M curious!)

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