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What a Wit Am I!

As most folks in the U.S. will know, yesterday was a national holiday—Martin Luther King Jr. Day—with all the office and service closures such an event generally comes with.

At the start of the day, I REMEMBERED that it was MLK Day. I knew that kids would be out of school, and that would impact everything from midday crowds at restaurants to many of my friends’ availability for email and phone conversations.

And yet . . . I carefully planned the latter part of my afternoon around being able to go to the post office and the bank on my way to tonight’s playtest. The post office and bank that are ALWAYS closed on national holidays. Which yesterday was. Which I knew.

So the only question left to me was whether remembering the holiday but failing to apply that knowledge completely makes me a HALFwit or a full DIMwit.

Maybe I should post a poll.

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