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Gen Con Schedule

The “Best 4 Days in Gaming” start tomorrow, and like the 30k+ other gamers gathered in Indianapolis, I can’t wait! Come tomorrow morning, when the Exhibit Hall opens at 10AM, I’ll be spending most of the next few days at my booth—Authors Avenue – Table S (that’s all the way at the back of the 1100 Aisle). Swing on by and say hi!

I’ll also be attending the following seminar panels and events, handing out what pearls of wisdom I can, shaking hands, and generally enjoying the festive atmosphere.

WED. @9:00PM — Diana Jones Award Ceremony

THU. @Noon — Launching a $100 PDF Publishing Empire
THU. @3:00 — Freelancing for Super Genius Games

FRI. @7:00PM — The ENnie Awards Ceremony (where I’ll be performing “Sweet Transvestite” as part of the pre-show “entertainment” … NOT in make-up or fishnets)

SAT. @Noon — Kickstarters: Preparation & Communication
SAT. @3:00 — Time Management for Creatives

SUN. @11:00 — Running a Successful RPG Kickstarer
SUN. @Noon — Beginner Boxes, Quickplays, and Rules-Lite RPGs

If you want to keep up with my comings and goings at the show (and maybe hear about some special, limited time specials at my booth), follow me on Twitter (@stannex).


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