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Post Cards & A Shirt

Things continue to roll along with the Kickstarter campaign for The Littlest Shoggoth. In fact, the last couple of days have been trending up a bit. Could be that the “doldrums” are about to turn into a “last minute frenzy” . . . but I certainly won’t count those proverbial chickens until they hatch.

In any case, the fund drive has passed the $7,500 mark, which marks the first of the existing stretch goals. I am now committed to sending hand-signed post cards to everyone who bought at the $25 level and up. So I spent some time the other day finishing the art, and putting in my order for the cards themselves. It all was relatively easy, and I expect the bundle to arrive sometime next week. Now I’ve just got to go down to the post office and buy a whole bunch of 32-cent stamps.

In other Kickstarter-related news, a sample of the Littlest Shoggoth t-shirts arrived yesterday, and I couldn’t resist showing it off. Looks pretty neat, eh?


The shirt itself actually looks green in person (it seems more black in the photo, maybe because of the stark white walls behind me), but otherwise, that pretty much captures it. Right now, I don’t have any plans to sell the shirt in any venue other than the Kickstarter . . . so if you want one, this might be the only chance.

On the other hand, I’ve been thinking about going out to more conventions and starting to get Artists Alley tables, once the book is printed and I have something physical to sell. If I do that, it probably would be smart to print up some extra t-shirts to sell, too.

We’ll all just have to wait and see on that one. All I know is that I’VE got MY shirt already.

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