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Let There Be Light (and Heat)!

I spent most of the weekend working on a freelance assignment, checking in occasionally with the manager of my apartment complex. When, at 6:00 on Sunday night, there still was no electricity to the buildings, I figured that for sure I was going to have to impose on my friends for another night in their guest room.

Have I mentioned what gracious hosts my friends John and Janice are? They invited me without hesitation, gave me somewhere to sleep and recharge my electronics, they fed me, and they didn’t seem at all put out by the fact that I was there just as they were getting ready for John to make a trip to see his mother.

I figured that, even if I was going to impinge on another night of their hospitality, I could at least give them some time to be together without me hanging around. So I decided to go see a movie. (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol … but that’s not important to the story.)

I got to the theater, bought my ticket, and was settling in for the previews when my phone buzzed. (I’d already muted it … because that’s the considerate kind of movie-goer that I am.) It was a text from my friend Faith, who also lives in my apartment complex. It simply said, “The power’s on!”

I tell you, I almost decided to walk out on the movie so I could go home and … what? Sit in a cold apartment as it slowly warmed? Marvel that I could flip the switches up and down and the lights would actually respond to the signal? No, I stayed and watched the movie (I enjoyed it — it was fun … but that’s not important to the story), and just hoped that the power would STAY on long enough for me to go home.

Which it DID!

When I got home I found a now nearly-fully-warm apartment and, yes, lights that responded to switches. I sent a text to my friends thanking them for their aid in my time of need, and freeing them to carry on without worry of me coming back to interrupt what was probably a rousing game of Scrabble.

It’s funny how being “displaced,” even for a weekend, can be so disorienting. I didn’t have anything even close to “trouble.” In truth, I was only mildly inconvenienced. John and Janice had their lives just as interrupted as I did … maybe more, because now they have to change the sheets in the guest room. And yet, I think my relief at getting home was quite probably greater than their relief at getting rid of their houseguest.

Now that I’m back, I’m even MORE motivated to finish the de-boxing and actual furnishing of my apartment. I’m SO inspired that I think I’m going to take drastic measures and do something I haven’t done in more than a decade — go furniture shopping.

I know. I know. Sounds crazy, right? But it’s coming. You just wait and see.

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