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I’ll Never Mock Winter Again!

When last I typed here, I was having a bit of fun at the expense of Seattle area drivers and their winter weather skills. Apparently, the Great Northern Wind took great offense at this and decided to teach me the error of my ways — that, or a confluence of bad weather and bad luck has simply occurred. Either way, the RESULT is the same.

After the snow storm on Wednesday, which deposited about 4 inches of powder in my general area, everything was fine. Things were still fine Thusday morning, despite an overnight freezing rain storm that sheathed the region in a quarter-inch of ice. All seemed well. The roads were too icy to drive safely on, and from my living room I could hear the almost constant sound of tree limbs snapping and showering the surrounding ground with snow, ice shards, and kindling, but I was safe and warm in my apartment and ready to wait out the predicted thaw.

Then, around noon on Thursday, the power went out. I battened down the apartment, going into heat-conservation mode — closing interior doors and making sure the windows were snugly covered–and hoped that the outage would be relatively brief. But when nearby friends (whose power did NOT go out) called and offered to let me come stay with them, I took them up on the offer before the su went down, temperatures dropped, and my parking lot became impassible. Good choice, that.

I’ve spent the last three days and nights with my friends (thank you, John and Janice), and I might be here even longer … because the power is STILL out at my apartment.

Of course, I’m FAR from the only person so affected. Besides all the people in my particular complex, more than 200,000 other people in the Seattle area were still affected as of midday Saturday. Almost certainly at least half that many are still without power as of this writing. And so it will go for the coming week as various parts of the electrical grid are slowly restored.

According the Puget Sound Energy web site, I should not count on my lights coming back on until “late evening, Monday.”  So it looks likely that I’m going to be imposing on my friends’ graciousness for at least another day and night (though I’m actually considering getting a hotel room tonight, just to be close to work on Monday morning … and to make this feel more like a vacation than a displacement).

In any case, on the off chance that my more superstitious explanation actually is true, let me deeply and sincerely apologize to the Great Northern Wind. I meant no offense and consider myself truly educated about and contrite before the incredible power she wields.

Could I please have my lights and heat back now?

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